Tari Sheffer, Senior Registered Client Associate - Officer
    Connie Greenwood, CFP®, MBA, ADPA®  First Vice President - Investment Officer
    Danette Van, Senior Client Associate - Officer
    Maegan Dornan, Financial Advisor
    Marta Cappa, CFP®, CDFA®  Associate Vice President - Investment Officer
    Yvonne Hall, CFP®, CIMA®  Managing Director - Investments


“Sounding Board Services for life’s financial questions
 ... because the decisions you make matter”


Hall & Greenwood Wealth Management Group was founded on the understanding that financial decisions are complex and that people benefit from the on-going ability to “sound out” ideas and alternatives in order to make decisions that best support themselves, their families, and their financial well-being.

Our clients are busy people (working professionals and retirees) who understand the difference between information and knowledge.  The greater the volume of information available, the more important it is to be able to sort out meaningful knowledge AND to be able to apply this knowledge to your unique questions and concerns.  We are a professional sounding board to help our clients navigate the financial challenges and opportunities of each key life stage, making effective decisions along the way.

We provide investment and wealth management services using a variety of fee-based compensation arrangements.  We work primarily with clients who have investable assets, excluding real estate, of $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 and who value a disciplined process for wealth management.


We serve our clients in three key roles:


As Educator:  We help clients better understand the key elements of the economy and effective investing.  We are a resource to provide meaning and context to articles they read and information they hear.

As Coach and Guide:  We provide questions and framework to draw out our client’s goals and help them identify the activities and actions required to realize them.  We apply processes, disciplines, and strategies to support our clients’ financial dreams and aspirations.

As Champion and Advocate: We work on behalf of our client’s future self.  We make sure financial decisions are evaluated fairly on behalf of their impact today and equally important, for their impact on the future.  The quality of life for our client’s future self and family depends on the decisions they make today.  We make sure all needs are represented and respected throughout the decision making process.


From wealth accumulation and investing for retirement, through college planning for children, through elder care planning for parents, to retirement income strategies and long term care needs, our team is here. We provide our clients with “Sounding Board Services for life’s financial questions … because the decisions you make matter."